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$48 Full Membership

If you are already a member, signing up on this page will automatically update your existing membership with a 2 year extension. We do however recommend monthly subscription memberships and monthly membership renewals as it makes life easier for us!

I hereby apply to become a member of The Arts Party. I believe that art, culture and creativity enriches each of us as individuals, as a community and as a country.

Membership period is for 2 years.

What you are getting:

  • To be part of a new movement supporting something you really care about.
  • A snazzy membership card.
  • The ability to contribute to our policy making through our internal voting system, referendums and the party forums.
  • Have the opportunity to be state organisers, or candidates, as we register around the country.
  • Have bragging rights forever more when the Arts Party makes a positive difference to our communities – to be able to say ‘I made that happen!’

If you have any problems with the payment process, please email us on comms@theartsparty.org.

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